It was this week and it was on BFM Business!

Guillaume Bourtourault, CEO of FAFCO, was a guest of Linda Labidi on her show “SME Stories”.

The opportunity to showcase FAFCO technologies in energy storage and combined hot and cold production.

Groupe froid Production eau glacée Circuits de refroidissement Froid industriel Solution de refroidissement installations de froid Groupes refroidisseurs fafco-capture-ecran-interview-bfmtv

“We are manufacturers of small plastic tubes” – Behind this phrase taken up in all humility by the CEO of FAFCO hides a real technical know-how full of innovations!

From plastic surgery to energy… For FAFCO it’s a winning equation!

Solar sensors, heat pumps or cold storage, FAFCO thermal solutions cover most needs between -20 and 80 degrees Celsius. FAFCO uses recyclable polymers, the interchanges and sensors are flexible, lightweight and highly resistant to any chemical or physical attack. This makes the implementation of FAFCO solutions easier, and drastically reduces the power used or energy consumption.

With more than 30 years of expertise, and references in some twenty countries already, FAFCO aims to continue its international development while developing its “Hot” business in France thanks to its recent location in Dijon. By providing its customers with real solutions for energy sobriety, FAFCO is positioning itself at the forefront of the energy transition.

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