Heat pumps

Our range of thermodynamic machines that allow heat and cold to be transferred from one medium to another.

Refrigeration groups, heat pumps, chillers, thermo-frigo-pumps, all these baths designate the same thermodynamic machines that allow heat and cold to be transferred from one environment to another. FAFCO has acquired an in-depth knowledge of these equipments by seeking to optimize cold and hot power plants with energy storage systems.

By studying the behaviour of these machines in their different modes of operation, at different temperature and power regimes, FAFCO has been designing and offering reduced power installations for nearly 40 years that provide more services to their users while reducing their electricity bills.

Ranges 0-25 kW 25-100 kW More than 100 kW
Country of origin Espagne France Italy France France Italy
Fluid R410 Propane Propane
Drives X X X
Multicompressor X X X
Heating X X X
Ecs X X X
Air conditioning X X X
Refrigeration X X X
pool X X X

In order to meet a growing need to provide a turnkey installation, and always with the concern to offer compact and economical installations, FAFCO has partnered with French, Spanish and Italian manufacturers to offer its customers of complete solutions integrating thermodynamic machines: heat pumps for its geothermal and atmosolar solutions, refrigeration groups for its cold storage solutions, or thermo-frigo-pumps for its combined solutions hot-cold.

FAFCO has thus built up a very complete range of machines depending on power and applications.

FAFCO can provide the complete delivery from the choice and sizing of the machines to their maintenance, depending on the needs and configuration of the project.

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