FAFCO manufactures highly versatile SOKO solar collectors and WATA heat exchangers. Their plastic materials give them physical and chemical stability and ease of use, which means that they can be used both in the industrial process itself and in the power station, outside or inside the building.

Assembled in its ICELOOP cold storage or ATMOSOLAR hot water production solutions, these products bring flexibility and energy efficiency to your industry.

Widely used in the dairy and cheese industry, cold storage already has numerous references throughout the food industry, but also in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and fine chemicals industries. And many new applications are appearing with the new energy and information technologies (NTE and NTI): securing internet servers, control of clean room atmospheres, electrical erasure, reduction of subscribed power, self-consumption of electricity produced by photovoltaic generators, liquid subcooling, etc…

The overall message from FAFCO and its technologies is that in most industries there is no need to produce heat or cold. These energies are already available in the process itself. The intelligent solution is to recover, move and store these energies to cover all needs with a minimum of external energy input.

Take control of your cold production

Industrial cooling is an important item of power consumption in many industrial processes:

for air conditioning and dehumidification of controlled atmospheres

for the storage and preservation of products on logistics platforms or the manufacturing sites themselves

for the cooling of products in certain process steps, in particular in batch processes (by reactors) which require perfect control of reactor temperatures. These processes often require very high cooling power over short periods of time.

for the cooling of machines, tools or moulds, e.g. in the plastics industry. The FAFCO factory in Chevigny Saint Sauveur is a real demonstrator for this type of application.

ICEBAT, developed and promoted by FAFCO for more than 30 years, allows your industry to erase, reduce, and shift the energy consumption dedicated to cold production in your installations.

An ICEBAT can store between 150 and 18,000 kWh of cold in the ice as latent energy in 8 hours of charging. It can then discharge all the stored cold in 45 minutes as well as in 10 hours according to your needs.

The advantages of ICEBAT

Groupe froid Production eau glacée Circuits de refroidissement Froid industriel Solution de refroidissement installations de froid Groupes refroidisseurs Prix

Reduce investment costs by reducing the power of the refrigeration units by 20% to 70%, as well as the numerous ancillary equipment: cooling towers, electrical cabinets, etc.

Reduce operating costs: subscribed power, maintenance costs, power consumption, …

Groupe froid Production eau glacée Circuits de refroidissement Froid industriel Solution de refroidissement installations de froid Groupes refroidisseurs Ecologie

Reduce the environmental impact: noise pollution from cooling towers, reduction in the quantity of refrigerants, use of less carbon-intensive electricity at night when charging the ICEBAT

Secure your installation: from the start, the ICEBAT delivers its maximum power, it can withstand long periods of downtime.

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Satisfy all your hot water needs at lower cost and with less energy

In France, 10% of the water withdrawn each year, i.e. 4.5 billion m3 , is used by industry. A large part of this water must be treated before use: softening, heating, filtration, etc… By heating your water to the temperature of use without passing through steam production or boiling, the ATMOSOLAR system considerably reduces the cost of all your treatments.

In industry, the production of hot water is aimed at a wide variety of applications:

Water is used as an ingredient in the final product or comes into direct contact with it. Its quality is then critical and its treatment is costly. It is important to be able to reduce the thermal and physico-chemical constraints that sometimes go against the final quality of the product. The ATMOSOLAR solution then aims to produce hot or tempered water exactly at the desired temperature, without subsequent adjustment or cooling, to limit chemical interactions with containers, piping, or ambient air. In doing so, the energy bill is also greatly reduced.

Water is used as a washing agent, cleaner, solvent, sterilizer or transport medium for materials. The water is then generally used in an open circuit and its consumption is very high. The objective is then to cool, heat or temper the water at the lowest cost. The ATMOSOLAR is then the most efficient solution for water up to 70°C, thus covering most of the industrial needs. However, FAFCO will also be looking into the possibility of recovering the calories or frigories available in the waste water, in particular by using its own exchangers, which are very robust and resistant to all the chemicals found in industry.

Water is used as an energy carrier. Often in a closed circuit, these systems are designed to reduce losses to a minimum and to heat the loop to maintain its temperature with a minimum of energy. As an expert in heating and cooling networks, FAFCO is able to design and dimension the most efficient production and storage systems, in particular using its ICEBAT cold storage, its ATMOSOLAR boiler, its customised thermodynamic machines and its WATA exchangers. The simultaneous production of heat and cold will be sought in particular to improve the efficiency of the machines.

Combining our solutions to achieve your goals

Every project, every site is different, and we at FAFCO know that a given technical solution will only be effective if the following 3 conditions are met:

The technologies are well-dimensioned and integrated into a complete solution proposed to the customer.

They are understood and well used by the operator

They are maintained and regularly adapted according to the changing needs of the site.

To meet these 3 criteria, FAFCO will most often offer you a combination of its solutions and a variable geometry service, ranging from the simple supply of equipment to the turnkey delivery of a complete solution.

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